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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Positive and Negative Deviance

There are different types of deviance Positive and Negative deviance. Positive deviance is deviance that helps society move forward such as with Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. If not for some deviance acts America would not have been able to become better. Sometimes deviance is a good thing. Another type of deviance is Negative deviance, Negative deviance is deviance that hurts people such as murder, rape, or theft. Even though this deviance hurts people, without it the world would not be able to function properly. On an economic stand point especially, deviance is necessary along with in many other areas. Just imagine what would happen if we no longer needed police or politicians. So basically until the world ends there will be deviance.


  1. Very true.....it's amazing that people don't recognize positive deviance nearly as much as negative deviance....wonder why that is......?

  2. it is true to say that, positive deviance is move forward to the society. where as negative deviance create anarchy in the society and hurt the people.

  3. I don't understand how negative deviance can benefit our society pls elaborate